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How to get there:

Our house is located in the centre of the old town - 3 minutes walking distance from "Riva", the harbour promenade in front of the Diokletian Palace. It is located in a strictly walking area - the streets are too narrow to get there by car. The closest you can get there by car is about 150 meters from our entrance door - at the front of Hotel BELLEVUE.
Below we will describe the way to Hotel BELLEVUE for You. Itis located at the end of the harbour-road, directly on the sea - where Riva begins.
We will always pick you up from Hotel BELLEVUE. At our house there is cart available which is perfect to take your luggage from the car to our house.

There are four ways to get to Hotel BELLEVUE:

By Car:

When you drive into Split simply follow the signs to "Centar" and then to "ACI Marina". this will guide you through the tunnel underneath the Marjan peninsula to the sea - then you will pass ACI Marina and drive alongside the sea until the end of this road which is on a square in front of BELLEVUE hotel.

By airplane:

You will arrive on the modern and charming airport of Split which is located between Trogir and Split directly at the sea (simliar to Nice airport). When you walk out the terminal you will find buses which will regularly take you to Split - the city terminal of these buses is loacted at the beginning of "Riva", the harbour promenade. You have to walk to the other end of this harbour promenade - a 5 minutes walk - and you will see hotel BELLEVUE.

By train:

The Split trainstation is located in the passenger harbour which is right next to "Riva", the harbour promenade. When you walk out the terminal of the train station you take a right and walk alongside the waterfront all the way to Riva, the harbour promenade - a 5 minutes walk. Then you walk the Riva to the other end - another 5 minutes - and you will face Hotel BELLEVUE.

By ferry boat:

The Split passenger ferry harbour - the largest of ist kind in the mediterranean - is located directly in front of the city centar - and "Riva", the harbour promenade. Go to the main building of the harbour - and then walk alongside the sea towards the city and you will end up on "Riva", the harbour promenade. Then you walk to the other end of Riva - and you will be facing hotel BELLEVUE. All together a 15 minute walk - but a beautifal one because you are facing Diokletian Palace, the historic centar of Split, all the way.